American Holistic Health Care LLC


Helen is a true healer.  I began seeing her for acupuncture over a year ago to help minimize sides of chemotherapy and cannot imagine having gone through the process without her. Acupuncture and living well are now a huge part of my life, thanks to Helen. Her endless knowledge and compassionate demeanor have made me a believer. 

     - G.G., Florham Park

I've been seeing Helen for a little over two months now and the results are nothing short of miraculous. I must admit that I went in with plenty of skepticism of Eastern Medicine but she has accomplished things that no medical doctors or psychologists have been able to. Since seeing her, I've significantly cut back on my smoking (down from five to one pack a week) and, most impressively, I've been falling asleep more easily and getting more productive sleep; that's something, even as an infant, I've never been able to do. Because of the work Helen has done, I now enjoy a much better and more productive quality of living and highly recommend the services she provides.
   - S.A., Essex Fells

By the time I first met with Helen Diab, I'd experienced more than a year of steadily increasing stiffness and pain from arthritis in my hands. Now, after just 3 acupuncture sessions, I already have far less pain and much more flexibility. I never would have imagined that I'd feel so much relief so soon. In addition to her expertise, Helen is a very caring, warm person who puts at ease even those, such as myself, who are most squeamish about needles. I feel very fortunate to have met her. 
     - L.M., Summit

Working with Helen has been a joy. She is passionate about her work and genuine in her caring for others. Combine this with her amazing knowledge of acupuncture and you have a practitioner who can help resolve difficult and complex issues. I am so glad I found Helen and her work.
     - C.A., Essex Fells

Helen Diab is a wonderful acupuncturist who really knows how to get down to the root of the problem while treating her patients.  Not only is she personable, she really cares about her patients  and treating their issues with different techniques.  From my experience, she has really helped me with gynecological, anxiety, digestive and back pain issues that I have been suffering from in the past year.  She was able to treat and correct many of these issues with acupuncture that medical doctors could only treat with pharmaceutical drugs.  I enjoy my bi-weekly visits with Helen and I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to take a more natural route to treating their conditions.
     - G.M., Springfield